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RealtyHive is an agent's best friend! Your sellers pay RealtyHive a marketing fee at closing, ONLY if the property sells. Your sellers pay RealtyHive to create leads on your listings and we promote you, the agent. Any leads you receive are completely free - there are NO referral fees! 

At RealtyHive, we like to say 'Your Listings - Your leads.'

You call your seller "Mr. & Mrs. Seller, we at EXIT have a new marketing tool available to us and I thought of your property. I think we should take a few minutes and listen to this." - Easy!

It's as Easy as 1-2-3




Send them the link to the explainer video below and fill out the short form below to schedule a meeting. One of our RealtyHive reps will give you a short call ahead to discuss the property.

We present the program. Almost all of the sellers we talk to move forward. Your property will be live on the site within 72 hours. Your listing - your leads!

Globally Creating Your Best Chance to Sell!

RealtyHive is owned and built by a long-term, high producing agent with experience in the industry; through fantastic and even very tough market times. We truly understand what being an agent is all about. 

This system has been used successfully thousands of times across the United States and globally, and is very easy to implement into your current business practices.

RealtyHive offers two powerful programs that sellers can utilize to increase the exposure and  activity on their property. 

How Does the RealtyHive Process Work?

RealtyHive Time-Limited Events

  • Creates a sense of urgency and competition among buyers
  • Range pricing brings in more potential offers
  • Includes Market Matters enhanced digital marketing to reach 1,000s of potential buyers each month

RealtyHive Marketing Matters

  • Simple to use Enhanced Digital Marketing Program
  • Expose your property to 1,000s of potential buyers each month
  • Upgrade to Time-Limited Event at any time

Happy clients!

"The seller liked the idea of event marketing. RealtyHive contacted the seller and took care of the details. The property sold through a lead directly from RealtyHive. It was a great way to service my client at a different level and stand out from the competition."

Paul Wells | Illinois, USA

"We are about to sell an Island in the Caribbean and RealtyHive is helping us put that deal together. They have built a great reputation and we are excited to use them. If you guys are looking to sell more properties at a faster rate, RealtyHive might be your best bet!"

Roger Moore | Trinidad & Tobago

What are you waiting for?

Get started today! All it takes is a quick 15-minute phone call and you'll be on your way to Creating Your Best Chance to Sell!

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